Dairy Cow & Heifers

The charge out rate is $14 + GST per head – and a very small travelling charge (maximum $200 accommodation and travel). Negotiable for large numbers.

Dairy cattle are normally branded in May, June, July, August to co-inside with dry-off period, but can be done at any time.

I travel down to the South Island in July and August. Up to 250 head of dairy cattle can be branded in a normal day with good facilities.


We have used NZ Wide Freeze Branding run by Stuart Makgill for several seasons. We have found their work to be of a high standard and to be well organised. Having the cows Freeze branded is beneficial throughout the year whether it be for ease of identification at calving, herd testing or for general sorting by Cow I.D. On our farm we found Freeze Brand Identification to be a great management tool for ourselves and our staff.

Mike Henderson – Sharemilker for Grant and Philippa McKenzie, Seaward Downs.

We have been freeze-branding our cows for 10 years. Identifying cows in the paddock and shed with dirty, unreadable or missing tags is now a thing of the past. Not an issue with freeze-branding, Stu and his crew provide a great friendly service, which makes freeze branding a pleasure and not a chore. Make life simple for yourself and your team and choose N.Z. Wide Freeze Branders.

Rod and Jacquie McPherson – Whakatane.